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With all of the exciting expansions happening with YU this year, a few of us girls thought it might be time to spruce up the blog. And what better way to spruce, then introduce who makes YU possible! We will be kicking off this bio-blog series by introducing one of our fantastic owners & founders, Jen! Jen runs YU along with her sister-in-law Jennifer, and their husbands.

Jen Pomp // Co-owner of Yellow Umbrella

Childhood hero : Indiana Jones

Go-to road trip snack : Beef jerky with chocolate milk

Spirit animal : Fox

Go-to mommy snack : Apple juice

Favorite tv show : Breaking Bad

Favorite local spot : KD Floral

Next creative ambition : Weaving

How is your day off spent : Spending time with my family, gardening, & making stuff.

Favorite work lunch : Daroos breadsticks with cheese sauce

Jen is our peppy, lovely craft-extraordinaire. Apart from a crafty creative eye, she is a master at catching the upcoming trends - many of our cool and unique gifts and accessories have been caught by our Jen! Some even before they hit the big stores like Target! She has a great eye for detail, and is willing to put the work in to make things extra awesome. (You can imagine how COOL her Millie’s birthday parties are!)

Jen has some great retail experience that makes the wheels of YU turn. She helps maintain a balance of fun and professionalism that makes YU a successful business! Jen is also our resident treasure finder- she always gets the best deals and finds for shop displays, our Barter Queen!

Life outside of YU includes her husband Jon, and their sweet girls Millie and Clementine. Recently moved into a super cute new house, Jen is finding thrifty and crafty ways to make it a home. Some fun recent projects have included gardening and an ever-growing succulent collection. Clay pots, macrame hangers, and firestick cactus make for some AMAZING additions to her all windows/white-wall dining room. 

(above) Firestick cactus paired with clay pots and white rock, straight from Jen's dining room. 

Jen has been a great employer and SO FUN to get to know as a friend! <3 




Great write up! Love the photos too!

Aug 11, 2014

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