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While our head YU Crew is off in Vegas ordering us lots of pretty new goodies, Erin and I thought it might be a fun time to share some of our fall favorites around the shop. (And also to take a break from inventorying and tagging it all day!)

Erin Style Picks //

Vest It : Vests are a great piece for transitioning between seasons; wear with a tank during hot summer days, or pair with a long sleeve top when the weather gets chilly. I like vests because they add a little bit to each outfit, while still staying comfy. 

Graphic Tees : Graphic tees are a fun way to mix a little type/art into an outfit - a good grungy graphic tee makes the whole outfit less fancy, more fun and casual. 

Studs/Embellishment : Everything goes, studs, leopard, zippers, patches- the more embellishments the better!

Layers : Best thing about fall is all the layering!! Tank, sweater, vest, jacket, scarf.

Natural Accessories : Incorporating natural colors, crystals, wood, and leather into your headband/jewelry are a fun homage to our north-woods city.

 xoxo Erin


Emily Style Picks //

Oversize Cardigans : I'm a sucker when it comes to over-sized clothing, despite what TLC's What Not to Wear tells me! Drapey knit/crochet cardigans are a comfy way to add a layer to an an outfit.  

Loose Crochet // Tassel Fringe : Loose crochet tops and cardigans, along with tassels and fringe add a fun bohemian element to an outfit, along with creating interesting textures . 

Shapes // Cut-outs : To expand on the loose crocheting, a fun alternative to prints and patterned fabric is finding patterns and textures in the material itself - these sandals and cardigan may be solid colors, but the shapes made in the stitches and cut-outs are way more visually interesting. Not to mention, much easier to match with other items! 

Leather : Us gals at YU are suckers for leather.. whether it be in handbags, headbands, sandals or jewelry. Leather is a great way to incorporate natural elements, and real leather often goes hand-in-hand with quality craftsmanship. 

Long Necklaces : In many ways, my love for long necklaces probably correlate with a taste for drapey cardigans. Long necklaces are a great way to tie in many layers to an outfit, hanging low below a neckline or mirroring the length of an extended cardigan/vest. 

Emily :]

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