218 Home+Gift // Gifts AHOY!

We are squealing with excitement because.... 218 Home+Gift opens ONE WEEK from today! 

We open our doors Friday, November 7. The YU Crew has been doing an awesome job hunting for great products, ordering all of the shop necessities and creating a REALLY cool atmosphere in the retail space. I got the chance to sneak over there today and snap some product teaser shots! 

WOAH - that's right, we're getting our feet wet with some literature! KINFOLK and Anthology magazines will be making their YU debut! 

We do live in the land of lumberjacks... beard balm and beard oil would only be fitting. <3

Speaking of land of lumberjacks... we'll have lots of really cool Minnesota themed items! Sticker, vinyls, mugs, wall art and tees from Home. 

Adventure, outdoors, trees and mountains.... we LOVE these fun adventures themes! Cool printed tin mugs to bring a little bit of the outdoors to your dining room. 

And OF COURSE, we love babies, get ready for a revamp of Yellow Umbrella's kids section! Even if you're just window shopping, come check out some of the awesome 'house' shaped shelving units that J+J built!

Lots of great home items - A.M. Soap, tea towels, pillows, candles. I've spent this afternoon freaking out over Bird Mafia! the maker of these animal printed pillows - each design was an original paper cutting! 


We are SO excited about this next step for Yellow Umbrella, and can't wait to share it with downtown Bemidji! See you there next Friday :] 

P.S. Did you hear that we're adding MEN'S CLOTHING to Yellow Umbrella Boutique?


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